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Catalogue       Group                                                  A side/B side                                                       Year


KE 001        Orch Oguyo                               Susan F/Sister Leah

KE 002        Orch Oguyo                               Consolatta/Ango Motimore

KE 003        The Yahoos Band                       Luo Union FC No 1/AH-DI

KE 004        The Yahoos Band                       Sugar Mummy Generation/Nairobi After 4.30

Quartet of singles by two Luo bands. I have found no information on Orch Oguyo and all I can say about the Yahoos Band is that both their singles were written by Sam Oketch, which suggests a link with Kendu Jazz Band.

The UCLA ethnomusicology department lists KE 004 as being on the Kopa Kabana label. The label clearly states it was produced by Kopa Kabana and a cracking little tune it is too.