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HT 7-005     Hodi Boys Band                             FC Gormahia/Jaber Rossy

HT 24          Rabai Boys                                    Leo Nimechoka/Marie

The Luo football song. HT 7-005, is from the VoA library and was written by Juma Toto. Unless there were two musicians with the same name, Juma Toto was a busy man, being guitarist with the Hodi Boys, leader of Orch Todi National and also working as a producer. The Hodi Boys first found fame in the 1960s but became even more popular in the 1970s after the arrival of singer Slim Ali.

HT 24 features on Didier’s Mwanasimba site and dates from around 1972 but I can add no further information about the band.