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HRP 7-027                     Orch CK Jazz (Band)             Odoyo CCC/Otieno Kotonya

HR 53-54

HRP 7-029                     Ramula Jazz Band                 Augustine Orowe/Rosaline Achieng

H 57-8

HPP 7-36                       Rusinga Jazz                        Fibi Adoyo/Oriti Wuon Osimbo Pt 2            1973


HP 7-37                         Orch CK Jazz                       Gabriel Ndon'ga/Arthur Omune Manager    1974

HL 74A-75B

HPP 7-40                       Orch CK Jazz Band                A: Jemimah Akinyi Okwaro                       1974

HL 80A-81B                                                              B: Sammy Jakoyugi

HP 7-41                         Central Siaya Jazz Band        Rose Nyagem/Sigand Ogwa'ng                  1974

HL 82A-83B

HP 7-44                         Mawego Jazz Band               Lawrence Amimo/John Okelo                    1974

HL 88A-89B

HP 7-47                         Orch CK Jazz                       A: Francis Ogola Rabuor                           1974

                                                                              B: Alphonce Okuku Ndiege

HPP 7-49                       CK Jazz                               Festo Bonyo Olum/Joseph Ondango Alem   1975

Catalogue                             Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year



The first two of the singles listed were distributed by Melodica and it’s possible the rest were too.

It later seems to have become an outlet for productions by Luo bandleader George Ramogi (1945-97), whose Continental Kilo Jazz Band - later shortened to CK Jazz - mixed benga and rumba styles to great effect.

Thanks to Ray Templeton for the label scan of HPP 7-40.