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Catalogue             Group                                          A side/B side                                          Language                    Year


GB 7-001          AK '71 Band                        A: Wed Today Divorce Tomorrow    Swahili                   1974

                                                                 B: Rachel

GB 7-002          AK '71 Band                        Nyiego Hatari No 2/Selina              Luo                        1974

GB 7-003          Nyota Jazz Band                  John Ajola/Samy Otiendo               Luo                        1974

GB 7-023          Gabriel Omolo                     A: Msi Danganyike                         Swahili

                                                                 B: I Am Still Teenager

GB 7-024          Draho Jazz Band                 James On'gou/Carilus Achie'ng        Luo                        1976

GB 7-025          Ugambe Jazz                      Jothumbe Ossumba/Nyako Nyamera                             1976

GB 7-026          Central Siaya Jazz               David Apuoyo/Enos Odhiambo         Luo                        1976

Like Apollo, a label dedicated to productions by Gabriel Omolo, leader of the Luo band Apollo Komesha ’71.

Details of the first three singles and the label scan were supplied by Ray Templeton. Wed Today Divorce Tomorrow can be found on the CD Kenya Dance Mania (Stern’s/Earthworks, 1991). Details of GB 7-025 were supplied by Michiel von Oosterhout.

The remaining three singles are in the British Library’s National Sound Archive, where the label name is misspelt as Gabytone and the catalogue numbers appear to be wrong too (GB 7023 rather than GB 7-023, for example). The first is described as rumba, the second as benga and the third doesn’t say.