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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year


IVA 009       Lokassa Ya Mbongo             Monica Pts 1 & 2

IVA 010       Lokassa Ya Mbongo             O'pusi/Ma Elie

IVA 047       Sam Fan Thomas                Wini Pts 1 & 2

IVA 059       Orch Virunga                      Vunja Mifupa Pts 1 & 2                               1989

                  (Accompanied by

                  Four Stars, Paris)

IVA 085       Kass Kass                           Kumbe Oleli Pts 1 & 2


A CBS imprint from the late 1980s that reflected the rise of Paris as a key recording centre for Congolese musicians.

Samba Mapangala’s Orch Virunga are accompanied by Quatre Etoiles (Four Stars) of Syran M'Benza and Bopol, and singers Wuta Mayi and Nyboma.

Kass Kass was a side project by Quatre Etoiles guitarist Syran M’Benza that also featured Passi Jo and JP Ramazani, while rhythm guitarist Lokassa went on to form Soukous Stars. Both men had earlier played in Sam Mangwana’s African All Stars.