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A label linked to POK featuring Oluoch Kanindo productions The DD prefix seems to be dedicated to Congolese bands active in Kenya. Consult the Muzikifan website for a detailed examination of the careers of Orch Mos Mos and Orch Shika Shika.

The BOL prefix is for Tanzania’s Orch Jobiso, which was both a breakway from Orch Simba Wanyika and later, after brothers Wilson and George Kinyonga reconciled, a flag of convenience outlet for George’s own compositions.

The Wanyika Groups discography compiled by John Beadle with Doug Paterson and Peter Toll is on Toshiya Endo’s website.

DD 01          Orch Shika Shika                           Nyako Ber Pts 1 & 2

DD 03          Orch Shika Shika                           Diabanza Pts 1 & 2

DD 11          Orch Mos Mos                                Vumilia Wazazi Pts 1 & 2

BOL 2          Orch Jobiso                                    Pole Jobiso Pts 1 & 2

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