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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side                                                                   Year


AT 2             Continues Tremors Band      Timbe Anyuola/Chakruok Tom Obuya                 1974

AS 3996-97

AT 6            Happy Jazz Band                  Jerry Oloo/Dalmas Wambura                             1974

AS 3989/3993

AT 7            Happy Jazz Band                  Charles Onyango/Rosebella Achieng'                  1974

AS 3988/AS 3990

AT 9             Lolwe Jazz Band                  Joseph Odiala/Apollo Malowa                             1974

AS 3212-3

AT 10           Lolwe Jazz Band                  Laurance Abwajo/Margaret Anyango No 2        1974

AT 11           Ugunja Jazz Band                Yiero Nyalogi Kido/Odalo Chali                           1974

AS 3232-3

AT 13           Kawela Jazz Band                Mac'anyengo/Rossy Auma                                 1974

AS 3216-17

AT 19           Kolunge Luo Jazz Band         Onyango Rachar/Julius Simba                           1974

AS 3238-39

AT 20           Uholo Jazz Band                   Maggy Atieno/Joluo Ong'eyo Kiswahili               1974

AS 3302-03

AT 21           Owila Lake Side Band           Daniel Abira/Edwin Ogutu                                 1974

AS 3234-35

AT 23           Kajulu Boys Band                 Thum Jakalee/Lauruok Mag Anyuola                  1974

AS 3255-56

AT 24           Kajulu Boys Band                 Milicent Obonyo/Ogendo Omin Owaka               1974

AS 3252/AS 3259

AT 30           Apollo Komesha '71             Anthonine/Ojwang Boss                                    1974

AS 3278-79

AT 31           Shirati Revolution                Dr Okinda/Morris Obala                                    1974

AS 3280-81

AT 36           Rawa Group                        Rose Jaoda/Rapar Bolo Mola                             1974

AS 3300-01

AT 42           Ecko Jazz Band                    Tom Otieno/Luckas Owuor                               1974

AS 3336-37

AT 54           Tino Odhiambo Orch            Onyango Midogo/Meshack Hagai Mseda No 1     1974

AT 66           Ugunja Jazz Band                Jothumbe Makenya/Dhako Oweyi                      1976

AS 3529-30

AT 90          Mwito Africa                         Scolar Kalando/Nyasaye                                  1975

AS 3707-08

AT 96           Kolunje Jazz Band                James Omach/Lucas Ndege                             1976

AS 3766-67

AT 105         Orch Nyakach Kogoro Boys    Kawili Buses/Thund Nyakach Orumo                1976

AS 4053-54

AT 106        Orch Nyakach Kogoro Boys     Miend Ji Duto/Paul Juma Ujuku                       1976

AS 4051-52

AT 110         Orch Super Vayours              Florence Akoth/Betty Akoko                            1976

AS 4079-80

AT 113         Urewe Boys                          Margret Oloo/Grace Waga                               1976

AS 4085-86

AT 117         Orch Ugunja Jazz Band          Opondo Muhamed/Dr Okinyo John                   1976

AS 4153-54

This label appears to have existed from 1974-76, and the listing for it comes from the British Library’s National Sound Archive, the Voice of America archive and Ray Templeton, who also supplied the label scan and a correction to AT 6, which the British Library listed as AT 76 when it is, in fact, AT 7-6. For consistency’s sake, I’ve omitted the 7- prefix from listings where I knew it existed.

Since all but one of the singles carry an AS matrix number, it seems reasonable to assume that Atudo was a label linked closely to Associated Sound (ASL) that specialised in releasing singles by Luo bands.