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Catalogue       Group                                                                         A side/B side                                                       Year


SUKU 1        Suku Jazz Band                                           Leonard Shiundu/Abaluhya Banje

SUKU 6        Orch Khushiko                                             Omwoyo Omulai/Obuyanzi Khubaluhya


An outlet for Luhya recordings. Suku Jazz Band were led by Sukuma Bin Ongaro, an influential Luhya musician still playing at the age of 62 according to a report in the East African Standard on May 8, 2008. Two songs by Sukuma Bin Ongaro appear on the Guitar Paradise of East Africa CD (Earthworks/Virgin, 1990).

SUKU 6 turned up on the website of Record Mania, a Swedish secondhand record store. It’s by a band who don’t feature anywhere else in this discography.