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Catalogue                   Group                                                         A side/B side                                                       Year


MNR 006               Orch Milimani Park                            Fitina Za Watu Pts 1 & 2

MNR 007               Mlimani Park Orch                            Ugomvi Kila Siku Sipendi Pts 1 & 2

MNR 008               Orch Milimani Park                           CCM Pts 1 & 2


Alastair Johnston of the Muzikifan website notified me about MNR 008

by one of the top Tanzanian dance bands, who also recorded for Ahadi, CBS and Moto Moto. MNR 006 appeared for sale on Fredrik Lavik’s Afro7 website in July 2013, while MNR 007 surfaced on CD&LP.com in February 2016.

Can’t add anything further about the label, but I can say that CCM is the ruling political party in Tanzania and the band frequently played at functions for it.