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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side


JA 06            43 Migori Seco                   Paro Nyar Sure/?

JA 12            Migori Super Stars              Lilian Rose/Achien Conny

JA 15                Orch Carrolina                            Hera Ni Liet/Joseph Odoro


JA 12 is an Oluoch Kanindo-produced single that turned up on Ebay in March 2009. Luo band Migori Super Stars also recorded for  Apuoyo Ogila, Hundhwe, Kuja Mol, Okolo Kiduong, Playa Sound, Wamenyo, Wendo Modhial, X-Mas (Seee Bands Index for an up-to-date list). 43 Migori Seco are presumably the same band. They feature on JA 06, which Tom Gilks alerted me to in May 2013.

Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris supplied information about JA 15 in April 2011. It is by another Luo band, whose only other recordings listed so far are on another Oluocjh Kanindo label,  Mach Ji Lum.